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Snow Removal in Webster, MA

Don't kill your lawn by clearing your driveway

It is extremely easy and tempting to take it for granted that anyone in reasonably good health from the age 10 to 75 can easily pick up a shovel or fire up a snow blower, but as with any other yard maintenance task, great care and attention needs to be applied to save any unwanted damage.

Have you ever noticed the perimeter of your lawn seems dead in the spring after all the snow has melted? There are a couple of different ways that you can ensure that this does not occur!

Shovel with care!

To make sure your lawn is in as great of shape as possible in the spring once the winter snow has melted away, it is very important that you do your very best not to expose any lawn while shoveling the edge of the driveway. It is very important to wait for nature to run it's course in the spring, saving early exposure to sun, wind and trampling before the lawn has had a chance to return from dormancy.

If you find dirty chunks of snow and ice on the driveway that have fallen off of vehicles that had been parked on the driveway, do your lawn a favour and take an extra moment to toss them onto the road rather than on the snow bank. These are often full of harmful salt and chemicals that your lawn does not appreciate.

Melt snow properly!

Another important factor to remember in snow removal in Webster, MA is how snow and ice is being melted.

Salt is very affordable and widely available, so most home owners think it is a good idea to use it on their sidewalks and driveways to remove unwanted snow and ice. Think twice!

Salt is only effective for melting snow and ice in a short range of temperatures, it is also extremely harmful to sidewalks and driveways, vehicles, lawns and has a nasty habit of finding it's way into local waterways.

Make sure to use a ice-melt product designed for your local climate and use it in the proper amount. snow removal in Webster, MA. snow removal in Webster, MA. Always apply ice-melt products carefully and as directed on the packaging. Using too little of the product is great waste while using too much of the same product can be very harmful!

Just a small amount of effort will save you quite a lot of time and expense in the spring!

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